Composer, Producer, Writer, Art Director, Sound Designer, Actor

Schoenke is co-founder along with his son Aaron Schoenke, of ‘Bat in the Sun Productions‘. Schoenke is currently the producer, composer, and sound designer of the popular web series Super Power Beat Down, which pits fictional characters against each other and has the fans vote on who wins.

Schoenke’s work as a producer, composer and sound designer of comic and sci-fi genre films has received positive response with fans, as well as comic book and movie studios.

Schoenke’s YouTube channel for Bat in the Sun Productions has over 2.3 million subscribers, 365 million views, and a large, passionate fan community across social media platforms.

Super Power Beat Down won Best Reality Web Series at the 2015 and 2019 Geekie Awards. It has also has been nominated for several Streamy Awards including Stunt Choreography, Action or Sci-Fi Show, and Visual Special Effects.